Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and feedback to pupils lies at the heart of pupil progress. Pupils are continuously assessed throughout the year at all Key Stages. In Years 8-10, they have one set of formal exams in the summer term, however regular reports inform pupils and parents about progress throughout the academic year. Year 11 and 12 pupils sit many external module examinations in summer terms and hence their formal internal exams take place in the middle of the year. Pupil achievement is closely monitored by teachers and the relevant pastoral and curricular teams, ensuring that each child is encouraged and supported to overcome any challenges they may face. Parents receive regular written reports and additionally have an annual opportunity to meet each subject teacher. St. Dominic’s firmly believe that the relationship between pupil, parents and school is fundamental to the success of each girl.


Across the curriculum, there are many opportunities for pupils’ learning to be supported and their learning experiences to be enriched. There is an after-school homework club and numerous revision classes. Many of the after-school activities and school trips add a special dimension to the learning experience and enhance pupils’ motivation and enjoyment. We believe that the multiplicity of activities such as the Poetry Reading events, the Creative Writing, participation in Irish Language competitions, theatre trips and science clubs make St. Dominic’s a learning community in the fullest sense.

Gifted and Talented Programme

Our Gifted and Talented (G&T) Programme ensures that we provide opportunities for our pupils who are identified as G&T in particular subject areas. Most of these opportunities take the form of competitions where pupils can further explore and be challenged across various subject areas. The opportunities listed are only some of the opportunities which are available to our students.

The above are in addition to the numerous dramatic, musical and sporting activities which we offer.