Extra Curricular Activity

Community Outreach

Pupils are involved in a wide range of community outreach and volunteering initiatives.

St Dominic's Volunteer Pledge

Our mission statement calls us to be 'a community dedicated to ...the enhancement of human dignity'. As such, pupils are engaged in a diverse range of advocacy, volunteering and development programmes which seek to promote the equality and dignity of all human beings.

The school has four established volunteering teams: - Project Zambia, Habitat for Humanity, the SVP team and the Romanian Society.  All Year groups engage in volunteering and fund-raising activities, coordinated by Heads of Year.


The school actively promotes and acknowledges pupil volunteering. Our yearly volunteer census identifies our pupil volunteers.  We acknowledge their efforts through non-academic award ceremonies, via our website, intranet and volunteer blogs. The school has an allocated Volunteer Coordinator who reports to the Board of Governors. We are delivery partners for the Millennium Volunteer Schools Award. Social engagement is an essential part of our educational programme developing students' skills and values.