Extra Curricular Activity

The Library Club

Phyllis Magee continues to make the library a really welcoming place for pupils of all ages. Offering support, advice and great reading tips, Phyllis arrives early every morning to open the library for early birds.

The Library Club runs every Wednesday after school for Year 8 and 9 pupils and some older girls, including Olivia Rea and Aoife Morgan, are always on hand to help out. Ms Kelly also enjoys the Library Club and especially the parties! At the Library Club, pupils can share book recommendations, enter competitions and discuss their reading interests. The lovely surroundings of the library make it a welcoming place and there is always someone to swap books with or just talk about everyday life!

Those who have been members of the Library Club will be familiar with Phyllis’s legendary Christmas, Easter and End of Year Parties. Much trouble is taken to create a fun atmosphere with decorations, music and lots of presents and goodies. Here pupils from different classes can get to know each other and mingle with older students in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Phyllis encourages everyone to dress up and does a mean Santa and Sweeney Todd impression herself!

Junior pupils: why not pop in before registration, at break or after school on a Wednesday to read and relax? New members of the Library Club are welcome!