Extra Curricular Activity

French Club

French club continues to flourish at St. Dominic's! We meet every Wednesday after school in MR2 for half an hour of fun, games and activities in French. This year we are delighted to welcome back for another year Dominique Groves, a St. Dominic's past pupil and former head girl, to run the club with the assistance of Miss Richards and our Y14 French students. Dominique was a dedicated member of the French department and a regular volunteer at French club during her time at school. She currently studies French and Politics at Queen’s University. 


So don't forget - Wednesday at 3.15pm, MR2 for the French Club! Everyone welcome.


A word from Dominique to start


“Bonjour! Je m'appelle Dominique. I am a past pupil of St. Dominics and I now run the French Club for girls in year 8 to year 10. 
So far in French club we have played games to help the girls improve their vocabulary knowledge of topics that they have already studied up in the classroom. We have also brought out our creative skills by building our own Eiffel Towers and creating our very own French flag from magazines and newspapers. However, the week I asked the girls to have a go at some tongue twisters was by far the most fun. French club is very much about helping the girls improve a skill that is highly sought after in today's ever growing multicultural world, but it is also about expanding their knowledge and respect for other cultures. 
In addition, French club gives the girls the opportunity to socialise with students in other classes and year groups that they have never met before. My favourite part about running this club is that I witness the girls growing in confidence. Speaking as a French student, I find this to be an essential quality when learning a new language. But mostly, it is exciting to see how much enthusiasm for the language that the girls bring every week. This is very much their club, they decide the activities and they make it fun. I'm very thankful to be a part of it.”


Dominique Groves (St. Dominic’s Past Pupil and former Head Girl)


What Juniors and Seniors think about the Club


As our junior students truly take ownership of the club we thought they could tell you a little bit about it.


“I really like French club because the games we play are so educational and fun. Dominique is an excellent leader!” - Ciara Martin 9C


“In French club we get to play entertaining games and make new friends outside of our form class.” - Maud Barr 9C


And lastly a word from our Year 14 French students.


“Our role as sixth form mentors for the Junior French Club has been a very rewarding experience. Not only has it allowed us to practice our leadership skills and our own command of the language, it has also given us the chance to create bonds with the younger pupils and to watch them develop a passion for the French language.”


Courtney Cush & Rebecca O’Halloran