Extra Curricular Activity

Project Zambia

Project Zambia is an overseas volunteering programme initiated by St Mary's Christian Brothers Grammar School in 2002. Our school joined in partnership with St. Mary's within the first few years of the project's establishment.

We have chosen this charity as we are aware of the conditions and challenges these people face everyday and how it's significantly different from our own. Noting that Zambia is a third world country situated in southern Africa, it is extremely difficult to even begin to compare our standards of living to theirs. We want to make more people aware of these poor living conditions in order to get more support from our communities to help in any way they can.

Through the project, we are helping to build and maintain strong relationships between the Zambian community and our own. We have empowered the people of Zambia, and intend to continue doing so, not only by investing in their communities but also in their people. The team travelling out this Summer aim to continue transforming the lives of these people and further strengthen the bond between our communities.

A strong ethos has been created in support of Project Zambia within not only our school and St. Mary's, but throughout the West Belfast community and we aim to expand on this ongoing work.

Project Zambia Participants 2016