Building leadership capacity is central to the school’s work. Our pupils are encouraged to seek out and seize opportunities for personal development and to reach beyond their comfort zone. Our Senior Student Leadership programme ensures that pupils have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership through working with younger pupils. Many senior pupils also act as Subject Mentors and in this capacity, they provide invaluable additional support for pupils who are struggling in specific subject areas.

We aim at building resilient, resourceful, responsible, reasoning and reflective young adults. Pupils are given additional opportunities beyond the school day to develop these attributes.

These include the Friends Forever Programme, the EIL Intercultural Learning project as well as the Rotary and Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life programmes. These programmes give our pupils the opportunity to travel to various parts of Ireland and the UK as well as globally to the US. Our pupils form friendships with young people from all over the world, get involved in innovative, character building activities and learn skills that help them develop as young leaders. Participation in the Project Zambia and Habitat for Humanity programmes encourage pupils to consider others through fund-raising and supporting communities less fortunate than themselves.