Amazing the Space

On 7th September, Gina Craig and Beth Sullivan were among a number of pupils from schools across N Ireland attending the launch of the “Amazing the Space 2”.  The event was held in the Mac theatre in Belfast.  In attendance were a number of distinguished guests including HRH Prince Harry.  The girls were fortunate enough to meet the Prince who presented them with a plaque which a copy contained of the peace pledge they created last year.  The girls were given the honour of reading their pledge at the event.  Rev David Latimer who is responsible for the creation of these events also met with the girls and explained why their pledge is one which really captures the spirit behind Amazing the Space.  It was a wonderful occasion and the girls are excited to be part of future projects.

New Lunchtime Clubs

There will be some lunchtimes clubs starting this week on early lunch (weather permitting).

Everyone welcome-It is just for some fun at lunchtime.


Monday: Table tennis- meet at the table outside science doors


Wed: Rounders:  Meet at PE dept


The activities will change on a weekly basis so keep an eye on the PE noticeboard or website.


Diana Award Winners at St Dominic’s

Diana Award Winners at St Dominic’s


Three exceptional volunteers from St Dominic’s were awarded a Diana Award Therese: - Therese Crossan, Amy Hookings and Maebh Reynolds .  The  Diana Award is presented to ‘outstanding young people selflessly creating and sustaining positive social change’.   Amy, Therese and Maebh were dedicated #iWill Youth Ambassadors in addition to their substantial personal volunteer work.   Only ten students from Northern Ireland received awards so it is a great achievement that three of the ten awardees came from one school.  The award is a tribute to each of the pupils’ hard work and commitment.  The awards were presented at The Mac, Belfast.  The photographs show Maebh and Therese receiving their awards, Amy was attending a university event and so was unable to attend the presentation.

A-Level Success

Congratulations to all of our A2 and AS students on their great results. Well done as always!

Trip to Cambridge for Potential Oxbridge Applicants

Seven of our A-level students had a very busy programme of events based around their subject area and UCAS applications to Oxbridge.

They are taking home lots of useful resources/ reading lists which they will be able to develop over the summer.


Volunteer week at St Dominic’s

Volunteer week at St Dominic’s


Well done to all our Volunteer Week  fund-raisers including: -

The year 8 team 8B who raised funds for and awareness of Mencap. 

The Year 10 team 10C who fund-raised for  ‘Little Rays of Hope’ in an educational project in Kenya. 


Finally a big thanks to the large number of Year 10s (42 in total) who gave up their free time to help the L’Arche community prepare for their international conference Belfast 2017.

It is great to see so many pupils showing the Dominican ethos in action.

The Future of Politics?

          The Future of Politics?


As part of our Shared Education programme with Friends, 10E visited Stormont on Thursday the 8th of June.  This helped build on our knowledge from Citizenship class where we studied features of a democracy and our local government.


When we arrived we had a tour led by James.  We went to the debating chamber first where the MLAs normally talk about ideas and debate.  We had a debate on whether or not we should have school uniforms.  The anti-uniform side won by just 2 votes.  We then toured the other areas of the building and had a workshop on how MLAs are elected.


Both schools came back to our school for lunch and then we attended a workshop.  We got into groups and created our own political parties and then presented our party’s manifestos.  All the groups were amazing with ideas on taxes, education, health care and Brexit.  We then got to vote, FAHACKA (the group member’s initials) won.


Claire, Katie and Francesca 10E

Parent Link day out to County Down

Parent Link day out to County Down


Our Parent Link organised a relaxing day out to Newcastle, County Down on Saturday 10th June.  Parents and staff headed off to Newcastle and took the opportunity to sample the delights of local coffee houses and the crashing waves that go up the Mournes.  With all that walking and coffee everyone was ready for a wonderful meal at the Buck’s Head, Dundrum.  The quality of the food was exceptional and the craic among the group was excellent as usual.  Then it was time for Belfast where some of the group felt a little bit of shopping on the Lisburn Road was in order.

This was a short but very sweet day out at the end of a very busy year.

Thank you to everyone in Parent Link for all your wonderful efforts and advice this year (and in years previously).

Have a great summer and we will see you all (with our new Year 8 parents) on Monday 11th September 2017 at 7pm