Faith Journeys



They spoke with feeling about the transition from high powered careers, in the case of Sister Martina for example, in print journalism & the BBC, to joining a religious order.  The Sisters spoke of their diverse life experiences leading to hearing their own call/vocation from Christ.  


Sister Martina Purdy spoke of the dissatisfaction with an exclusively materialistic lifestyle and her call to a spiritual life.  She spoke of her personal experience with Jesus and encouraged students to open themselves up to this experience.  She explored the importance of and need for prayer in life.  Sister Martina explored the centrality of Mass in her personal Faith Journey.  She kindly offered the pupils the opportunity to visit pray and reflect at the Adoration chapel on the Falls Road.  


Sister Elaine, a past pupil of St Dominic's, spoke of the miracle of four new vocations to the Sisters of Adoration. Sister Elaine spoke of her past career as a Barrister, her doubts concerning her faith and her transition to a spiritual life.  Sister Elaine also spoke of the importance of Eucharistic Adoration and introduced the pupils to their Order.  Both Sisters spoke powerfully of the love and power of God.


The year 13 students were an appreciative audience clearly recognising the passion and depth of the Sisters' experiences.  We would like to thank the Sisters for their presentation and their invitation to share their faith.