Erasmus Plus Project

Collaboration with RBAI, Belfast and Korbinian Aigner Gymnasium, Munich, Germany.


Their Principal, Hans Joachim Fuhrig had visited our school in September with a view to collaborating with us through an Erasmus Plus Project.  We were accompanied by some teachers from RBAI, Belfast and met staff from a Romanian School when we arrived.  We met the students and staff of the school and were very impressed by the facilities and the confidence (and fluency of English) of the students.  Their Student Voice was a very active component of the school and the staff were extremely enthusiastic about our collaboration.  Our Project focus will be ‘PROBLEM SOLVING’ and the area of study could involve some of the STEAM subjects (Physics, Maths, Technology, Business Studies and the Arts).  This will all depend on the bid for Erasmus funding.  The deadline is March 2017 with our hope that the Project will commence in September 2017.  We also got to see some of the sights of Munich at this time of the year including their wonderful Christmas Market and very impressive churches.  A beautiful city and an impressive school that we look forward to working with in the future.