MIneCraft Project

The project, organised by STEM AWARE in partnership with Belfast Harbour and Gilbert Ash was orientated around using MineCraft as a design and engineering tool for pupils to showcase their skills. STEM AWARE teamed up with Gilbert Ash (The lead contractors of the new City Quays Hotel which is due to open in early 2018) to create a scaled model of the Belfast Harbour site on MineCraft. The pupils then focused on key aspects such as renewables, transport and other energy efficient sources that could be implemented into the design of the hotel, and created this in their MineCraft World.

Working with Mr Mulholland over a number of weeks, the pupils created their designs in the MineCarft world and created their own presentation display board. This outlined the areas they focussed on, the research they conducted, why they chose that particular feature, and what it looks like. The celebration day allowed all of the schools involved in the project to showcase their work and share ideas of different views in practice. Pupils then took part in a Lego Construction challenge to try build the longest bridge they could which could withstand the most weight, with St. Dominic's taking first place and winning some Galaxy Chocolate bars!

Representatives of both Belfast Harbour and Gilbert Ash spoke to the all of the pupils present that day about their future and the possibilities of pursuing careers in the construction, design and engineering industries. They discussed their interest in working with schools, as well as providing career information, work experience opportunities and any other advice that would benefit pupils considering future STEM based careers.