Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is reviewed annually and has recently been updated to include guidance and information for students, staff and parents. The revised version of this Policy is now available on the School APP, the school’s website and hard copies are available from the school office. It is important that you read the Policy especially since there have been some changes made since you received it last year.  As well as the types of abuse described in our existing policy, a list of the specific types of abuse have been added to the Policy following new guidelines issued by the Department of Education. The complaints procedure for parents has also been updated to provide contact details for the NI Public Services Ombudsman whom parents can now also contact if they wish to report a concern or make a complaint. The complaints procedure is also contained on Page 21 of the Policy.

Please take the time to read the policy online and as always, forward any suggestions for improvement. Hard copies of all policies are also available from the school office.  Your suggestions will be considered in any further evaluation and amendment of the policies.

If you wish to give feedback, you can contact Ms Mc Nulty (the Designated Officer for Child Protection) or Mrs Connolly (the Deputy Designated Officer for Child Protection



Many Thanks,

Ms Mc Nulty