Poetry Success

Niamh O’ Donnell has had a piece of poetry published in an anthology. She has written a short paragraph explaining this;

At the end of fourth year I joined the ‘Belfast Inter-Schools Creative Writing Network’, which meets once a month. Over the summer holidays I received an email to offer me the opportunity of contributing to an anthology of poetry and prose, which was open to all members of the program. I have always been an avid reader and have always loved creating my own worlds in the form of stories so I jumped at this opportunity.

The anthology is titled ‘Live Here Awhile’ and the piece of prose I chose to contribute is called ‘The Midnight Musical’. It is about a girl who discovers her dream in the dead of night. I hoped to show that dreams can be discovered any time and in the most unlikely of places. This was a great opportunity for me and it was really exciting to see something I wrote published.

I have also been very lucky to be nominated and shortlisted for an ‘Inspirational Youth of the West 2017’ award for ‘Educational Endeavour’ which voting is open for now.