Harry Potter Movie Night

Harry Potter Movie Night

An evening at Hogwarts.

Witches and wizards alike came out in full force to attend a magical night of fun and entertainment. They were joined by some well-known characters such as Professor Trelawney, Professor Snape and some less known characters such as Professor Scott. Upon arrival the pupils were greeted by the Hogwarts Prefects and given their goodie bags. Those who were daring enough managed to grab a quick selfie with Professor Snape. From there they were directed to the movie theatre where there was an opportunity for them to get sweets at Honeydukes Tuck Shop or unleash their inner mermaid or spider with face painting. Harry Potter was such a popular choice with all the pupils attending, so much so, that some of the Professors decided to stay and watch the movie as well.

At the interval a carefully selected team of judges painstakingly scoped the crowds in search for the three lucky pupils to win the costume prize. Special congratulations are in order for “Éamonn Kearney” – brother of Muireann and Meabh who got first prize – a family cinema night of course.

Due to the fact that the competition was so tough, everyone else got a prize for their participation.  There is always a place for a lollipop.

Special thanks to Parent Link for organising the event and the 12 parents who came in to help on the night.  The school really looked the part thanks to their efforts.

It was a lovely night well appreciated by all of the students.