Digital Youth Event

Digital Youth Event

On the 21st of March 2017, the St Dominic’s coding club took part in the Digital Youth Event hosted in Queens University. We had the great opportunity in meeting various companies such as Italic pig, Go berserk and Cyber Security. They explained to us that digital technology is needed in every aspect of life, especially in jobs. If teens get interested in coding and ICT, it will help us with any career path we wish to take, whether it is a game designer or even a cashier. It was brilliant hearing each speaker’s advice to teenagers like myself about the world of digital technology and how it is important for years to come.

Technology is everywhere and it is always improving. From our phones to our computers we use digital technology in our daily lives. For the years to come, digital technology will continue to improve and develop. As Stewart Brand once said ‘Once a new technology starts rolling, If you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.’

Emma Bonner 10D


Coding Club Members who took part in the Digital Youth Event:

Emma Bonner

Emma Madden

Soraya Boudhaim

Olivia Brennan

Laura Brown

Jenna Farrell

Elaine Heaney

Aoibhinn Hughes

Leah Kerr

Ciara Loughran

Claire McGowan

Grace Mulvenna

Qiana Waterland

Andrea Hyland