Election of Parent Governor 2017

Election of Parent Governor 2017


The Board of Governors of St. Dominic’s High School

The Board of Governors is responsible for the management of the School as set out in the Scheme of Management for St. Dominic’s High School.

It has a wide range of responsibilities including admissions, appointment of staff, financial management, discipline, the School Development Plan and the Curriculum Policy.  Governors hold office for four years. 


Arrangements for the Election of a Parent Governor

(as set out in the Department of Education Circular 1997/24)

Copies of the full circular are available from the Principal’s secretary.



Parent Governors must be elected by parents of pupils attending the school at the time of the election from amongst the parents of such pupils.  The relevant legislation defines the term ‘parent’ as including a guardian and every person who has the actual custody of the pupil.  A parent elected as a member of a Board of Governors shall not cease to hold office by reason only of ceasing to be a parent of a pupil attending the school.

Such eligible parent will be entitled to nominate candidates, to vote and to stand for elections.  Participation is not restricted to one person per family.  Candidates are eligible to vote.



The election stages are:


1.       Nominations

          Completed nominations (on the enclosed form) must be returned to Mrs           McCann, Clerk to the Election by 3.20 pm on Friday, 6th October 2017.

          Each nomination must have two seconders and the person nominated must have           indicated his/her willingness to serve on the Board, if deemed elected.


          Voting Papers

2.       Voting papers with the list of candidates will be sent out on Monday, 9th

          October 2017.


3.       Voting papers should be returned to the school office on or before 3.00 pm on           Friday, 13th October.