Top Placings in N Ireland Across a Range of Subjects

Congratulations to our following students who have achieved top placings in Northern Ireland across a range of subjects.

Congratulations to the departments and the specific teachers involved- Mrs Cauley, Mrs Connolly, Ms Clarke, Ms Campbell and Mrs Murphy.

Achieving a top placing is a great testimony to the pupil but also to the staff who have inspired and motivated the pupil to achieve such excellence.


Aoife Nugent                                     Joint second       Irish

Kira McDonnell                                 Joint first             Further Maths

Kira McDonnell                                 Second                 Business Studies

Grace Shannon                                 Joint first             Irish

Caoimhe Finucane                           Joint first             Irish

Katie Taylor-Grieve                         Joint second       Irish

Emma Agnew                                    Joint second       Irish      

Clare Brennan                                   Joint first             Drama

Cara McCallin                                     Second                 Drama

Emily Crudden McIlhatton           Joint third            Drama

Tara Moran                                         Joint third            Drama

Clare Brennan                                    Joint third            Gaeilge

Cara McCallin                                     Joint third            Gaeilge