Digital Detox for Year 9

Joanne Mc Master from NSPCC came into school to address all year 9 about issues regarding emotional wellbeing such as self-esteem,  resilience, the impact of the online world and coping mechanisms.  The talk was well received by Year 9 and they consequently took part in a “digital detox” for 24 hours.   This was an opportunity for them to put aside their mobile phones and  laptops and spend the time getting to know themselves and others in the “real world.”  In the process they raised a lot of money for the NSPCC and bearing in mind that answering a call to Childline costs an average of £4, hopefully this money will go a long way in helping  some vulnerable young people in our society.  Thanks to all parents, friends and relatives who helped Year 9 with this charitable event.  

Mrs Fitzsimons