Year 8 Choral Speaking Competition

Year 8 Choral Speaking Competition

The Choral Speaking competition is for Year 8 students to show off their ability of speaking in synchronisation and also their ability to creatively use their performance skills of voice, gesture, movement and of course the one that I love the most, facial expressions.

In Term One we started preparing for the competition. First of all, we picked the poem The Three Little Pigs.  I could not wait to start it because I love drama and I’m very dramatic. As we started learning our poem we were a bit shaky at the beginning but we got there in the end.

On the day of the competition, we went down to the study hall to have our last practice. As we made our way down I was so excited and nervous at the same time. We did our rehearsal and everything went smoothly and then we took our seats.

As the competition started we watched the first performance and I have to say that they were amazing. Now it was our turn. I was playing the wolf and I enjoyed it so much, everyone did. After we watched all the other performances, it was time for the big news everyone was waiting for and that was, who had won? My tummy was going crazy, then they announced 3rd place 8C and 8D, 2nd place 8B and 8E and 1st place 8A with Cinderella. Even though we were really disappointed, they deserved to win as their poem was outstanding.

Mrs Mc Cann came in to the study hall and watched all of our poems and she thought that they were brilliant. As we were about to leave, Mrs Braniff said that she wanted to give us all a prize as we had worked so hard and on our way out we all got a big bag of Haribos.  I really enjoyed our morning at the Choral Speaking Competition and I can’t wait to next Term’s work.

Brenna Mc Elvanna 8B