GCSE Success 2018

St Dominic’s pupils excel with top GCSE Results. August 2018
It’s raining As in St Dominic’s Grammar School for Girls! 
It is no surprise that a jubilant atmosphere was spilling out into the school’s car park today as the Year 12 pupils excitedly celebrated their outstanding success.  Following on from their outstanding A Level results last week, the pupils, staff and parents are now also thrilled at the outcome of this year’s GCSE results. And, once again, there were scenes of joyous celebration as students streamed out, one after the other, clutching brown envelopes in shaking hands, each equally delighted with their success in their GCSE examinations.
Judging from the school’s outstanding success this year, it is no doubt that St Dominic’s are once again, amongst the top achieving schools in the country, having held first position for four years in a row.
This year group are celebrating unprecedented success with a record 99.4% of pupils achieving A*-C, the school’s highest achievement at GCSE to date. Not only is this a record achievement but most of their grades are A*-A. An impressive 58 students achieved 9 A*-A grades and 27 students achieved at least 10 A*-A grades. As well as this, 70% of all grades were A*/A; an outstanding achievement in a school which has one of the highest FSM entitlements amongst Northern Ireland grammar schools.  
Mrs Mc Cann, the school’s principal, stated that she was ‘extremely proud of the outstanding success of the girls who have shown amazing determination and commitment to their studies. Of course, this would not have been possible without the ceaseless commitment and dedication of our staff who always go above and beyond the call of duty when helping our girls. At a time when there is much focus on equality, it is heart-warming and inspiring to see young women achieve so highly.’
These impressive statistics outshine the Northern Ireland average perhaps because St Dominic’s is not an average school. St Dominic’s is not just about sitting behind desks preparing for exams. St Dominic’s girls do not only benefit from a personalised, academically strong curriculum but also a robust enrichment programme which is designed to enable them to develop into courageous, independent-minded and resilient young women; fully equipped to lead fulfilling and successful lives in this fast-changing world. Unsurprisingly, highly achieving students in the school attribute their success to the impressive range of extra-curricular opportunities afforded to them by a generous and hard-working staff who go the extra mile to provide unique experiences for their students. Take for example, the students awarded the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships.  Congratulations to Grace and Megan McShane on this fantastic achievemnt.   

Kira McDonnell is amongst the top achieving students in the year.  Kira was beaming with delight when she received 11A*. There was triple success also for the three Year 12 girls awarded the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Programme. One of these students, Niamh Stewart was delighted with her 8 A* and 3 A performance. In fact all three have not only achieved their own personal success, but share an impressive 9 A*s, 16 As and 6 Bs between them. 

It is not just the individual success of students that the school is enormously proud of however, but also the success of all the departments in the school who provide a first class experience. With national focus on literacy and numeracy standards, St Dominic’s students have excelled both in English and Maths with 81% of students achieving A*/A in English Language GCSE and 99.4% achieving A*/B. 65% of all students also achieved an A*/A in their Maths GCSE and 90% % achieving A*/B. 
It was evident that staff and parents were incredibly proud of the students and the students are proud of their school. The education of girls lies at the heart of the vision of St Dominic’s. Academic rigour and excellent exam preparation are a given – but it is equally obvious that through the impressive range of extra-curricular experiences, they are given the opportunity to grow as individuals, assume leadership roles, take responsible risks, develop lasting friendships and excel in a dynamic environment that caters for all their needs. That vision is paying off and these girls with their bright futures ahead of them deserve to celebrate what can only be described as an outstanding achievement on their part; an achievement which is the result of sheer determination and incredibly hard work. 
It is obvious from the staff’s delight at the results that St Dominic’s prides itself for all its efforts. 

For the fifth year consecutively, St. Dominic’s students have proven themselves to be amongst the best in the province. Having ranked third in Northern Ireland last year and first in Northern Ireland for the four previous years, the school is delighted with this year’s impressive improvement in their GCSE results.