CyberFirst Residental Success

CyberFirst Residental Success


Congratulations to Jenna Farrell, (Yr 12), who got accepted on a 5 day CyberFirst Residential at Queen’s University in July 2018.  CyberFirst is a programme of opportunities and support helping young people explore their passion for computers and technology and introducing them to the fascinating and critical world of cyber security.  Jenna currently studies the new GCSE in Digital Technology Programming Pathway at St Dominic’s.


During the residential Jenna attended lectures and took part in activities such as: 


Module 1 - The Internet of Things

Developments in sensor technology have led to an incredible rise in the number of Internet

connected “Things”. These inexpensive, low powered and always on smart devices form the

Internet of Things.


Module 2 - Security in the Internet of Things

In this module they considered the privacy and security concerns around IoT devices and how

the IoT can be attacked and secured.


Module 3 - How do Attackers Attack?

In this module they looked at the wide variety of attackers; who are they and what are their



Module 5 – Password

We use passwords to protect all of our online accounts. In this module they looked at how

passwords work, what makes a strong password and how attackers obtain and break them.


Module 6 - Data Security

In this module we used different encryption methods, user profiles, permissions and file

systems to protect valuable personal data.


Well done Jenna. 

I attended the CyberFirst Belfast course this summer for a week. During this week,  I along with the rest of the students who were doing the course, stayed in accommodation at Queen’s university and took lecture-like classes at a technology centre beside the Titanic headquarters. We got lectures from two different experts in two different fields of ICT. One of them taught us about how computers work, the mechanics behind it and how to protect your computer from a physical point of view while the other lecturer taught us about mainly cyber security from inside your computer, how to protect it with things such as virus scanners and encryption, and how to stay safe on sites like Facebook and twitter. In the evenings we took part in many activities back at the accommodation. These ranged from a treasure hunt to a quiz and even a movie night. These were some of the highlights of my time on the course as it was a good time to get to know the other people there and relax after learning all day. All in all, I found the course incredibly enjoyable and had a lot more fun that I thought I would. I also met many new friends which was an added bonus.