Beautiful Birmingham

On Friday 4th October 50 new #iWill Youth Ambassadors were welcomed to their new role.  3 of the selected cohort for 2020 were from N Ireland with 2 coming from St Dominic’s: - Elen O’Rawe and Danielle Aleria.  These students also were allowed to bring a supporter (friend or family member) to share their experiences.  Also attending was Miss Connolly one of the selected Volunteer Now team, representing youth volunteering in Northern Ireland and schools’ experiences in particular.

Elen reports on her experience: -

"The #iWill Ambassador event at Birmingham University gave me the chance to hear incredible speeches from young women talking about experiences such as with restarting a new life in the UK as a Syrian refugee. The event was full of other ambassadors from Scotland, England and Wales. I was particularly inspired by Lanai Phillps who volunteers for Women Against Sexual Exploitation and Violence Speak Up (WASSUP) working with other young women to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

I also had the opportunity to talk first-hand about volunteering within the health sector with people interested in the same areas as myself, such as Abby Lang who recently campaigned to reduce cardiac death in young people, and Gabrielle Matthews who, as a person with a long-term health condition, has recently been appointed as the youngest ever person in the NHS Assembly. 


As part of the vent Aideen Nolan and myself were involved in various workshops where we spoke to volunteers campaigning and working in range of areas such as sport, gender equality and environmentalism. The day gave us the chance to talk about the importance of youth social action on a global scale."