STEM Activity Days at St. Mary’s University College

8D and 8E travelled to St. Mary’s University College to participate in STEM activity days organised by Technology & Design Undergraduate students Matthew Larkin and Lukas Arkinson. The programme, which followed a similar structure to St. Dominic’s  ‘Drone Technology in Education Programme’ focussed on the use of  Drones, Robotics, and Hovercrafts in a fun and stimulating environment to engage pupils in a range of problem solving activities.


The student teachers are collaborating on a unique and innovative small scale research project which has been sponsored by Makeblock, an Amsterdam-based international STEAM Education provider. Danielle McCallion, an alumnus of St Mary’s, is the Education Officer for Makeblock. The pupils used programmable drones, robots and model hovercrafts for the purposes of both attempting to solve real-life-based authentic problems and enhancing their STEM-based subject knowledge.


The event was organised solely by Lukas and Matthew in order for them to gather evidence on whether such an integrated approach to STEM education enhances the teaching and learning experiences of pupils within the various STEM disciplines. Listening to the pupils’ voice is at the core of their research methodology. Matthew and Lukas will be sharing the results of their research project with their peers at the 2019 St Mary’s Capstone Research conference.