Send My Friend to School Campaign

Amy McCann 10A and Danielle Aleria 10D spent the weekend in Loughborough, England to begin their training as Campaign Champions for the 2019 Send My Friend to School campaign.  This year’s campaign focuses on opening education up for all children across the world.  Currently there are around 262 million children who are locked out of education, this is something that as Campaign Champions they are hoping to change with the help of local schools and MPs and demand that the UK Government keeps to the targets and timeline for Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. They participated in activities such as research into barriers to education, public speaking exercises, photo stunts, team building and gained many new skills in preparation for their Parliament Action Day in June.  Both Amy and Danielle had an amazing experience meeting new people who had the same passion as them and are ready to #UnlockEducation @sendmyfriend