Send My Friend to School 2019

Campaign Champions Danielle and Amy visited Westminster to raise awareness of the Send My Friend to School campaign which is a coalition of organisations who bring together young people, politicians, teachers and the media to demand quality education for all children across the globe. This year's campaign focus was unlocking education for all as many children face barriers to education such as gender, poverty, disasters, war etc. The Campaign Champions are a group of 20 young people from across the UK who are lobbying the UK Government to ensure that it meets its targets in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Education and ensure that when they report to the United Nations this year they give an honest account about their efforts.

Amy and Danielle met with International Development Committee members Stephen Twigg MP and Henry Smith MP for a question and answer about the efforts of the committee in scrutinising the Government's actions. They also met with a number of MPs - Paul Maskey MP; Jim Shannon MP; Gregory Campbell MP; Orfhlaith Begley MP; Mary Robinson MP and Mike Gapes MP; to outline their campaign goals and what the MPs could do. A tough question and answer session followed with Minister of State Harriet Baldwin MP about the efforts and progress of the UK government on their efforts to ensure that no-one is left behind. Without an official promise on the day from the Minister of £75 million over three years, which would go a long way in helping the most marginalised children, Minister Baldwin will be hearing from the team in the near future!