GCSE Success

Congratulations to the 2019 GCSE  pupils and their teachers on their outstanding success. 98% of pupils achieved 7 passes at GCSE with an impressive 42 pupils achieving at least 9 A/A* grades. Even more impressive was the wonderful achievement of 25 pupils who achieved at least 10 A/A* grades and among that group 5 pupils achieved 11 A*/A grades.

 64% of all grades achieved were A*/A. This is testimony to the extremely hard work of the pupils and the staff who left no stone unturned to support and encourage the pupils.  None of this could have been achieved of course without the great partnership between parents, staff and pupils. 

While this achievement is laudable and extremely important, of equal importance is the great contribution made by our students to  the extra-curricular life of the school. The pupils realise the importance of developing themselves beyond the confines of the classroom and they avail of  the many opportunities provided by the staff to participate successfully in numerous competitions. They bring this same level of commitment and excellence to drama, sport, music and  public speaking and all the other activities  in which they engage.

Well done GCSE class of  2019