NCS Volunteers


Congratulations to the 3 NCS teams of St Dominic’s pupils (2 West Belfast & 1 North Belfast group) on the completion of the NCS Programme.  The photographs show some of the students who completed the National Citizen Service programme over the summer.  These students were also awarded the 100 hour Millennium Volunteer Award as a result of their committed social action.  Each group completed multiple team building activities & designed and implemented their own social action plan, tailored to meet the needs of their local community. Team members and MV Awardees included: -

·         Lucy Smyth

·         Soraya Boudhaim

·         Guia Molina

·         Jenna Farrell

·         Niamh Quinn

·         Olivia Brennan

·         Ciara Loughran

·         Megan Smyth

·         Tiarna Hillock,

·         Niamh Hughes,

·         Laura Loughran-Doak,

·         Rachael Loughran-Doak

·         Hannah Smyth

Well done to all our NCS members.