Overview of Procedures

Full details of our procedures can be found on our Policies and Procedures page. Here's an introduction.

1. Pupils must be in school at 8.40 am. The bell for Registration and Assembly rings at 8.45 am. Registration takes place at 8.50 am followed by Assembly.

2. A late pass is available for those pupils who have a valid reason for not being in at 8.45 am. Parents must apply for this in writing to the school office.

3. Pupils who are late for registration must sign the late book immediately when they arrive in school otherwise they will be registered as absent.

4. Pupils must bring in a written explanation of any absence signed by parent/guardian and given to the class tutor on the day of the return to school.

5. Pupils may not leave school before 3:10pm except in unavoidable circumstances. In such cases a written request must be given in advance to the Year Head. No pupil will be allowed to leave without this. Medical/dental appointments should be made outside school hours.

6. Pupils who wish to go home or to the house of a close relative at lunchtime may apply for a lunch pass. The form must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned with a passport sized photograph to the Year Head.

7. Pupils who become ill during the school day will be sent to the School Nurse. Should it be necessary for a pupil to go home or to hospital, the nurse will contact the parent/guardian to make the necessary arrangements. If a pupil has difficulty in moving around the school (e.g. if she has a limb in plaster, or needs to use crutches) parents should inform the school prior to the pupils return to school. Every possible assistance will be given within the restrictions imposed by the physical layout of the school and timetabling requirements.

8. School visits - permission slips to be signed by parent/guardian are issued for all school outings. For some longer residential visits, a parents' information evening is arranged.

9. Pupils are expected to be present in school until the end of each term. The Principal cannot give permission for holidays to be taken during term time. Such absences, if they occur, are recorded on the register as unauthorized absence and will appear on the pupil's record as such. In the event of a pupil taking a holiday during term time the parent/guardian must inform the Principal in writing and the letter will be placed in the pupil's file.

10. Should a senior pupil wish to bring a car into the school grounds, a written request from parents must be presented to the Principal. Pupils may only park in a designated area.

11. The school cannot accept responsibility for pupils' personal property. Parents may wish to consult their own insurance company about cover for any loss that may occur.

12. Mobile phones may be brought into school at the owner's risk and phones may be used before school at break time and lunch time. They must be switched off at all other times. Mobile phones used outside the specified times will be confiscated and left in the school office for collection by a parent or guardian. Pupils should take extreme care when using a mobile phone on the public highway.

13. All money, bus passes, phones and dinner tickets must be kept on the pupil's person at all times. If it is necessary for pupils to bring sums of money or other items of value into school they should be left in the school office for safe keeping until needed.