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Members of the Department

Mrs A Frazer (Head of Department)
Mrs E Mc Peake
Mr D Scott
Mr C Thomas
Mr C Crudden


The History Department is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all its forms. We place an emphasis on high academic achievement with a focus on enabling every pupil to reach her full potential.  The department is dynamic and innovative with each teacher focusing on high-quality learning and teaching. We strive to ensure that the History Department contributes to the overall life of St Dominic's with a wide variety of enrichment activities designed to encourage pupil enthusiasm for the subject and to see History as a living subject, relevant and meaningful to the world they live in today. We currently have 100 pupils studying GCSE History and an uptake of 50 pupils studying the subject at A Level.

Key Stage 3

Year 8

  • Introduction to History

  • A Study of the Normans

  • A study of Titanic

  • Life in the 80's

Year 9

  • Origins of Slavery

  • American Civil Rights

  • The Reformation

  • Renaissance

Year 10

  • Nationalism

  • Origins of World War 1

  • Long and short term consequences of partition

  • Easter Rising and Somme 1916

  • Germany after World War One

  • Experience of World War One Soldiers

Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

  • Germany c1918-c1941

  • Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland c1965-c1985

  • Vietnam War (CA)

  • The Cold War c1945-c1991

Key Stage 5 (GCE)

AS Level

  • Germany 1919-1945

  • Russia 1914-1941

A2 Level

  • Ireland under the Union 1800-1900

  • Partition of Ireland 1900-1925

  • Students study the CCEA specification