Supporting and Guiding

Pastoral Care in St. Dominic’s

In St. Dominic’s, Pastoral Care permeates all aspects of school life and all members of staff take responsibility for the care and welfare of our students. St. Dominic’s provides a holistic education which combines academic excellence with the development of the whole person. Our aim is to develop students spiritually, academically, morally, emotionally, culturally and socially so that they are well-developed and well-equipped to face the many challenges of the 21st century. Fundamental to our pastoral approach is the promotion of a caring ethos and good quality relationships throughout the entire school community.

The Pastoral Care Structure

The Class Tutor has daily contact with the student and monitors her progress, behaviour and well-being.

The Year Head has overall responsibility for the year group.

The Vice - Principals co-ordinate the Pastoral Care System.

The Prefects serve as role models, act as mentors and provide an additional channel of communication between students and staff.

The Personal, Social, Health and Economic Programme

PSHE is Personal, Social, Health and Economic education. The PSHE programme has been designed to ensure that our students grow in their self-esteem, resilience, confidence and independence of thought. Our PSHE programme places personal development and the acquisition of personal, learning and thinking skills at the heart of the curriculum. There is a dedicated 30 minute PSHE class once a week as well as immersion days when students are taken off timetable for retreats, Love for Life workshops (which focus on sex education and healthy relationships) and workshops on resilience. Speakers and outside agencies also deliver workshops and talks to all year groups on important issues such as safe social networking, road safety, relationships, drugs and alcohol education. 


Prefect with younger pupils

Our Tutors and Year Heads are given time to provide academic and pastoral mentoring to students in their classes throughout the year.

All our Key Stage 3 and 4 classes are assigned two Year 14 prefects. The Year 8 prefects work very closely with their tutor groups throughout the year. At the beginning of Term 1, they attend registration with their assigned classes, lead PHSE lessons and assemblies, focusing on issues or challenges that are particular to Year 8. The senior students are also given the opportunity to mentor younger students. All Year 8 students are also assigned a Year 14 ‘Buddy’ to help with their transition to secondary school. This also provides all our Year 14 students with a leadership role working with young people to develop their social and interpersonal skills.

Additional Educational Needs

Every child has the right to achieve their full potential and here in St. Dominic’s, we provide the necessary support for every individual’s needs. The school SENCo leads a team of dedicated learning support assistants and together with all staff in the school they enhance the learning of every child in the school. When necessary, additional literacy and numeracy support is provided by teachers as well as access arrangements for public exams.

We have a state-of-the-art building with modern facilities which include lifts, ramp access, disability-access facilities and a medical room. Other facilities include a Hub area where pupils with additional needs can meet and relax in a quiet, comfortable area.