Post :                         Classroom Assistant (SEN)

One year term time post (with the possibility of extension)

32.5 hours per week


Salary:                       Classroom Assistant      Pts5-6 (£10.126-£10.2129/hr)



Responsible to:      School Business Manager through Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator




Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities outlined below are intended as a guide to the main elements of the post.  They may be amended by the line manager in consultation with the post holder.

The precise duties of the post will be determined by the principal/outreach teacher/education authority officer.


    1.1  Assist with the support and care of pupil(s) with special educational needs e.g. enable access to the curriculum, attend to personal needs including dietary, feeding, toileting etc.

    1.2  Develop an understanding of the specific needs of the pupil(s) to be supported.

    1.3  Assist with authorised programmes (e.g. Education Plan, Care Plan), participate in the evaluation of the support and encourage pupil(s) participation in such programmes.

    1.4  Assist with operational difficulties and non invasive medical/clinical difficulties pertaining to pupil(s) disabilities.

    1.5  Respond appropriately to individual learning, social and behavioural needs.

    1.6  Support in implementing behavioural management programmes as directed.

    1.7  Assist pupil(s) in moving around school and on and off transport.

    1.8  Make pupil(s) aware of health and safety routines.

    1.9  Supervision of pupil(s) at break and lunch times.

    1.10 Assist with recreational activities and the social development of the pupil(s).

    1.11 Deal with minor first aid.




    2.1  Assist pupil(s) learn as effectively as possible both in group situations and on their own by assisting with the management of the learning environment through:

    - clarifying and explaining instruction;

    - ensuring the pupils are able to use equipment and materials provided;

    - assisting in motivating and encouraging the pupil(s) as required;

    - assisting in areas requiring reinforcement or development;

    - promoting the independence of pupils to enhance learning;

    - helping pupil(s) stay on work set;

    - meeting physical/medical needs as required whilst encouraging independence;

    2.2  Be aware of school policies, procedures and of confidential issues linked to home/pupil/teacher/school work and to keep confidences appropriately.

    2.3  Establish a supportive relationship with the pupils concerned.

    2.4  Assist in preparation and production of appropriate resources to support pupil(s).

    2.5  Supervise groups of pupils, or individual pupils on specified activities including talking and listening, using ICT, extra curricular activities, and other duties, as directed by the class teacher/officer.

    2.6 Under the direction of the teacher, and following an appropriate risk assessment, assist with off-site activities.

    2.7 Provide pupil learning support as directed by the teacher

    2.9 Ensure as far as possible a safe environment for pupils.

    2.10 Report to the class teacher any signs or symptoms displayed which may suggest that a pupil requires expert or immediate attention.





    3.1 Assist with classroom administration.

    3.2 Assist the class teacher and/or other professionals with the implementation of the system for recording the pupil(s) progress.

    3.3 Contribute to the maintenance of pupil(s) progress records.

    3.4 Provide regular feedback about the pupil(s) to the teacher/SEN.

    3.5 Duplicate written materials, assist with production of charts and displays, , catalogue and process books and resources.



    4.1 Attend relevant in-service training.

    4.3 Such other duties as may be assigned within the level of the post.


It is recognised that by the nature of the work of the classroom assistant a degree of flexibility is required and accordingly staff may be requested to carry out certain miscellaneous duties in addition to those set out above.