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Catalyst School

At St Dominic’s we know that in a rapidly changing world, it is becoming increasingly challenging to prepare our students effectively for the world of work and civic life. We know that we cannot do this job in isolation and therefore proactively develop links with industry to offer our students a forward thinking and holistic curriculum.


As part of our collaboration with Industry we are delighted to be a ‘Catalyst School’. In September 2023 we embarked on an exciting collaboration with Catalyst to strategically plan school improvement. Through this professional learning programme our staff are supported to action plan to ensure all our students, including those furthest from opportunity, are prepared for the future of work, learning, and civic life. The core focus of being a ‘Catalyst School’ is to view all our actions through the lens of educational equity and open doors for all our young people that may otherwise have remained closed.


“The Catalyst Schools leadership programme was the perfect programme to help inspire teachers to implement change in their school. Working with like-minded peers, everyone was able to inspire and encourage each other to start small and work towards meaningful change for our pupils.”

(Mr Jamie Mulholland, STEM Coordinator)

A key aspect of the Catalyst Schools Programme is developing high level collaboration with Industry. Though this programme our staff have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with business leaders to co-design new prototypes that explore innovative ways to work together as equals in support of the next generation of innovators (our students!)

“Being part of Catalyst Schools has opened up a network of business links that will enrich the learning and teaching experience for all  students at St Dominic's. especially those who studies business, finance and professional business services.”

(Mrs Denise Murphy, Head of Business Studies)

St Dominic’s is working with businesses to give them a voice in education and to ensure that the needs of employers informs our curriculum planning, and equips our students with the skills and mindsets required in today’s workplace and beyond.

Through this programme St Dominic’s is working with business partners to create opportunities for meaningful collaboration that benefits both education and business. We are excited to be launching a range of new joint school-business initiatives in the new school year that will really benefit our students.

“Catalyst Schools is wonderful for networking and learning innovative approaches to education.  The opportunities for developing oracy skills and critical thinking are wonderful.”

(Ms Fiona McAuley, Head of English)

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