Our Staff

All our staff are fully committed to providing the best possible experience for all our students. They use a variety of strategies, new technologies and novel approaches to motivate and stimulate learning, focus on how pupils learn, and provide appropriate support to ensure that all of our pupils achieve their full potential. 

Senior Staff


Mrs Carol McCann


Mr Niall McConville (Curriculum Manager)
Ms Phyllis McNulty (Pupil support and Development)

Heads of Year

Year 8                                      Mrs J Fitzsimons


Year 9                                      Miss J Fell


Year 10                                    Mrs B Wilson


Year 11                                    Mr D Scott


Year 12                                    Mrs C Cauley


Year 13                                    Ms J O’Kane


Year 14                                    Mrs A Willoughby



Heads of School

Junior School
Ms Aine Braniff and Mrs J Fitzsimons

Middle School
Mr Darren Scott


Lower Sixth Form
Mr Brendan McArdle


Upper Sixth Form
Mrs Geraldine Mulholland

Heads of Department

Art and Design
Ms Maria Davison

Mr Conor Waters

Business Studies
Mrs Denise Murphy


Ms Aine Braniff

Ms Fiona McAuley

Dr Roger Patterson

Mrs Mairéad Rodgers

Mrs Áine Frazer

Home Economics
Mrs Cathy Nixon

Mrs Geraldine Mulholland

Ms Annie Clarke

Dr Andrea Rainey

Mr Robert Morrison

Physical Education
Mrs D Cassidy

Mr Brendan McArdle

Mr Conrad Thomas

Miss AnnMarie Doherty

Mrs Sonia Morton

Technology & Design
Mrs Kathy Turner

Subject Teachers

Mrs Laura Bannon      PE

Ms Maureen Boyle      English

Mrs Áine Braniff*    Drama

Ms Áine Byrne*        History             

Mrs Deirdre Cassidy    P.E./Biology

Mrs Catherine Cauley    Drama

Miss Annie Clarke*    Irish

Miss Anne Connolly    Religion

Mr Ciaran Crudden    English/History

Ms Maria Davison*    Art

Mrs Sinéad Dickson     Geography/LLW

Miss Anne-Marie Doherty*      Chemistry

Miss Jenny Fell             Geography/Sociology

Mrs Joanna Fitzsimons   Spanish/French/LLW

Mr James Geddis              Science

Mr David Gibson    Physics/Junior Science

Mrs Deirbhile Gilmore        Chemistry

Mrs Mary Glynn    Science/Careers

Mrs Rachel Higgins     Media/English

Miss Leah Hunt            Maths

Ms Donna Kelly          English

Ms Maeve Kennedy    Psychology/SENCO

Miss Brenda Magenis    Maths

Mr Brendan McArdle*   Physics

Miss Fiona McAuley*   English

Miss Marie McCall    Art/LLW

Mrs Jane Marie McCartan   Geography/HE/HSc

Mr Niall McConville    Biology

Mrs Cathy Nixon*   H.E./Health&Social Care

Ms Shauna McLaughlin      English

Miss Cliodhna Mc Neill      Irish

Mr Shane McNeill    Music/ English

Mrs Lizzie Mc Nicholl         Maths

Ms Phyllis McNulty             English

Mrs Elaine Mc Peake       History

Miss Siobhan Morgan          English/Media Studies

Mr Robert Morrison*   Music

Mrs Sonia Morton*    Spanish

Mrs Geraldine Mulholland*   ICT

Mr Jamie Mulholland                 TD

Mr Owen Murray    Careers/Science/Chemistry

Mrs Denise Murphy*   Business Studies

Miss Yvonne Murphy            PE

Miss Katie Neary                    Spanish/French

Mrs Cathy Nixon*               Home Economics/HSc

Ms Joanne O’Kane    Home Economics/HSc

Mr Ian Parker                        ICT

Dr Roger Patterson*      French

Miss Karen Pearson           Biology

Dr Andrea Rainey*    Maths

Miss Rebecca Richards   French

Mrs Mairéad Rodgers*   Geography

Mr Darren Scott    Politics/History

Miss Maria Smyth           English

Mrs Collette Thompson     Maths

Mr Conrad Thomas*   Politics/History

Mrs Kathy Turner *    Technology and Design

Mr Conor Waters*          Biology

Mrs Amanda Willoughby   Religion

Mrs Barbara Wilson    Religion




* Staff Members who are Heads of Department/Co-ordinators of Subject



Support Staff

School Business Manager
Mrs Orla McNamara

Bursar’s Office
Mrs Andrea Anderson, Finance Officer
Mr Brian Quinn, Accounts Assistant

Mrs Jacinta Farrell, Principal’s Secretary
Mrs Bernadette Flannery, Office Manager
Mrs Bridgeen Connolly, Receptionist/Secretary

Science Technicians
Miss Laura McAreavey
Miss Michelle McCusker
Mr Joseph McLaughlin


Mrs Karen McLaren  Home Economics

Mr Patrick Stitt                            

Audio Visual Resources/Computing
Mr Martin Millar Design & Technology/ Maintenance Officer

Librarian/Study Supervisor
Mrs Phyllis Magee
Mr John McCrory

First Aid
Mrs Pauline Holland

Maintenance Staff
Mr Sean McGowan
Mr Eamonn McKinney
Mr Randal Patton

Classroom Assistants

Mrs Theresa Boden

Miss Rosemary Long

Mrs Maria McAteer      

Miss Anne McCotter

Mrs Anne McCrory

Mrs Jackie McDonald

Ms Judy O’Rawe

Miss Kelly Crickard Ruddy

Miss Rita O’Prey


Siena Staff

Siena Staff

Catering Manager

Mrs Ireen Lam



Mr Brendan McNally


Catering assistants

Ms Sonia Baker

Ms Coleen Clarke

Mrs Anne Delaney

Miss Carol Kane

Mrs Michelle Fox


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Pauline Flynn