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School Uniform

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The school uniform is designed to foster a sense of identity, loyalty and pride in the pupils and the school. It is compulsory for all.

Compulsory Uniform

Maroon blazer with badge

Maroon pinafore (Years 8-10)   

Maroon skirt (Years 11-14)* 

School jumper with badge

White blouse

School tie (years 8-12)

Striped blouse with revere neck (years 13 & 14)

Plain Black tights

Low heeled black leather shoes

*When a pinafore needs to be replaced at the beginning, or during Year 10, a school skirt may be purchased

Optional Items

School scarf/Plain black scarf

Raincoat (plain black rain mac)

PE Uniform

School T-shirt

School athletic shorts

White ankle socks

Appropriate running trainers - not black soled or flat Converse style

School track bottoms

School track top or school hoodie

Optional Extra Curricular

Gaelic - shorts, jersey (O'Neills)

Netball kit (ordered within school)

Games socks (ordered within school)


The official school uniform may be obtained from Chaplin, Mona Fashions, Truly Fare and Warnocks.

PE uniform suppliers are KIT - and this is made available through Truly Fayre, Warnocks and Chaplains

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