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Dominican Sisters’ Scholarships

What is a Dominican Sisters’ Scholarship? 

A Dominican Sisters’ Scholarship provides financial support to Year 13 students in St Dominic’s Grammar School for Girls to allow them the opportunity to grow in faith, develop leadership skills and play a key role in keeping the legacy of the Dominican Sisters alive.  

Who are the Dominican Sisters?  

The Dominican Sisters founded St Dominic’s Grammar School for Girls in 1870 and since then have played a key role leading and supporting the school to help it become one of the top performing grammar schools in Northern Ireland.


As a school community we are forever indebted to the legacy of education and faith left by the Dominican Sisters who founded our school over 150 years ago.  Without the hard work, dedication and vision of these Sisters, our school would not exist today.


At St Dominic's we are committed to ensuring that the legacy left by the Dominican Sisters is cherished and promoted for generations to come.​ 

What is the rationale behind the Scholarship?

The aim of this scholarship is to offer practical opportunities for students to develop strong leadership skills and empower them to lead change in their communities. At St Dominic’s we are committed to ensuring that students know that our successes today are built on the sacrifices of those who came before us.


The legacy of the Dominican Sisters is deeply embedded within the very fabric of St Dominic’s, and through this scholarship, their values will continue to inspire and encourage students for generations to come.  

What can this scholarship be used for? 

The funding associated with this scholarship can only be used to fund opportunities that promote leadership in faith. The SLT in St Dominic’s will determine each year the specifics of how funding is spent. The first scholarships will offer two Year 13 students the opportunity to take part in the ‘Ever to Excel’ programme in Boston College in July/August 2024, either Session I: July 21-26, or Session II: July 28-August.


The exact dates will be confirmed after interview. The scholarships will cover housing, meals, programme materials and flights to Boston, MA. This is the only purpose for which this funding can be used in 2024.   

Who is eligible to apply? 

The scholarships are not means tested and are open to all Year 13 students in St. Dominic’s Grammar School.  

What is the application process?  

There are two stages to the application process. The first stage involves the completion of an application form and the second involves a formal, in person interview which will be held at St. Dominic’s Grammar School. In the event of a large number of applications, shortlisting will apply to ensure the interview process is manageable. It is important to be aware that the interview panel may be unable to call all applicants to interview.  

The panel will base their decision solely on the information contained within the application form and will be unable to make assumptions. Attendance and behaviour records will be taken into account when making final decisions.  

Stage 1 

Application forms will be reviewed and scored by the panel and some applicants will be excluded at this stage. The panel will score the application forms using the following criteria. The extent to which the applicant: 

  • convinces the panel, through examples, that they have made a significant and sustained contribution to life at St. Dominic’s Grammar School and shows how this makes them suited to participate in the ‘Ever to Excel’ programme in Boston College in summer 2024; 

  • demonstrates that they understand and have supported the school’s ethos; 

  • shows that they understand the leadership skills needed to participate in the programme and gives specific examples of how they possess these skills; 

  • demonstrates that they have a strong attendance and behaviour record.  

Stage 2

Shortlisted applicants will be called to interview in St. Dominic’s Grammar School. The successful candidate must agree to adhere to all rules and policies in place at St Dominic’s when in USA.  

When is the deadline for applications?  

Applications have closed for the 2023/24 academic year


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