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Freedom of Information

We are committed to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and to the principles of accountability and the general right of access to information, subject to legal exemptions. We routinely make information available to the public on this website, including our policies and a list of staff.

Requests for other information are dealt with in accordance with the statutory guidance. The FOIA gives you the right to ask us for certain information that we hold. If you ask for information about yourself, then your request will be handled under the Data Protection Act.

Making a Request

To make a request under the FOIA you should submit your request in writing by letter or e-mail, stating clearly the information you want. When making your request, you should include:

  • your name

  • an address where you can be contacted

  • a detailed description of the recorded information you want

Responding to Requests

Once we receive your request we will reply, in writing, within 20 working days. If we need clarification or there is likely to be any delay in providing the information, we will contact you. In our reply, we will confirm whether or not we hold the information, and either provide you with the information requested or explain why it is not being provided.


We may charge a fee before supplying the information you request. If so, we'll write to you giving details of the amount you must pay before we disclose the information.

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