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Teaching & Learning

At St Dominic’s we ensure the best outcomes for our students by using innovative strategies to enhance our learning and teaching. We have a strategic plan in place to develop three key areas to support learning and teaching; EdTech, curriculum design and pedagogy. As part of this strategic plan our students will benefit from the most up to date research and evidence on generative AI, using devices as teaching and learning tools, teaching methods such as interleaving and spaced repetition, revision techniques and methods for effective feedback.


We have a clear and strategic vision and rationale for learning and teaching within St Dominic’s and proactively monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of planning, teaching, learning and assessment to ensure that all our students are able to reach their full potential. We promote a culture of reflective practice across St Dominic’s, which includes asking core questions such as ‘What are we doing well? How do we know we do it well? How can we do it better? What can we learn from research and evidence? And What can we learn from each other?’


There is a culture of Trusted Colleague Network (TCN) across St Dominic’s where staff have the opportunity to take part in mutual observations within and across departments, meet in cross-departmental professional learning groups that trial new techniques and discuss how these translate into practice. This reflective culture helps ensures that the students receive the very best experience across all departments in St Dominic’s.

To ensure that our students experience the very best in learning and teaching we prioritise and strategically plan for high quality staff professional learning. We make best use of expertise and contemporary research to inform practice. At St Dominic’s we are proud of the culture of openness, reflection and shared practice that exists to ensure all our staff are fully supported to develop and grow as professionals.


We are committed to remaining at the forefront of global developments in learning and teaching and are actively involved with educational research and evidence-informed practice. We have forged links with a range of external stakeholders to ensure that our staff remain at the cutting edge of educational developments. Many of our staff are members of the Chartered College of Teaching and a large number of our teachers are completing certified professional development in the area of Evidence-Informed Practice.

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