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About St. Dominic's

Leading the way in Education since 1870

St. Dominic's School has been at the forefront of education in Belfast since 1870 and continues to grow in strength providing first class education for girls from the Belfast and Greater Belfast area. It remains under the trusteeship of the Dominican Order. 

The Dominican Family was founded by Saint Dominic of Guzman (St. Dominic de Guzmán), a Spanish priest of the Cathedral at Osma. In 1203 he began a new ministry "by accident" to which he would dedicate the rest of his life and to which he would lead many other men and women: preaching. The new order was given the title "Order of Preachers" (O.P. is the designate that you see after a Dominican's name), and their preaching was sanctioned by the Pope. The particular charge to the Dominicans was to preach against heresy.

The Dominican motto: 'Benedicere, Laudare, Praedicare' (to pray, to bless, and to preach) grew out of a basic commitment to apostolic ministry. Because human beings need to be encouraged and supported, community life is a priority for Dominicans. Members of the Dominican Family all share the same priorities: prayer, contemplation, community, study, preaching.

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We are proud of our long tradition of excellence and our contribution to the communities of Belfast. Our state-of-the-art facilities, combined with our distinctive character and sense of history, enable us to deliver a curriculum which prepares our students for life in the 21st Century.

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