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Members of the Department

Mr C Crudden (Subject Coordinator)



Citizenship assists our students to become active contributors to society with many participating in extracurricular opportunities and competitions.  The learning area also offers the opportunity to enhance student understanding of our school values of celebrating difference and promoting equality.    



Key Stage 3

Citizenship is taught through a modular system at St. Dominic's. From Year Eight through to Year Twelve all students are scheduled for Citizenship during the academic year.  

In Year Eight students investigate Cultural Diversity and Inclusion - this includes cultural identity, racism, sectarianism, cultural diversity and discrimination.

Equality, Social Justice, Human Rights and Social Responsibility are the main themes in Year Nine. Students examine rights and responsibilities as well as Human Rights laws. Students also develop an awareness of social justice issues including child labour, homelessness, child soldiers and refugees.

In Year 10, the focus is on Democracy and Participation. Students develop their understanding of the characteristics of democracy including local and international institutions as well as participation in society.  St. Dominic’s also collaborates with our Shared Education partner Friends’ School, Lisburn focusing on democracy as well as conflict resolution. 


Key Stage 4

In Year 11 and 12 we investigate areas from the issues in more depth, meeting the statutory requirements outlined for the NI curriculum. Teaching and learning activities include role plays, action projects, ICT and media technology and active methodologies.


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