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Eco Club Volunteer at Bog Meadows

On Wednesday St Dominic’s Eco Club visited Bog Meadows to assist Ulster Wildlife with their wildlife garden. Over the next month the Eco Club will be participating in this ongoing project. The Eco Club are delighted to be helping wildlife in our local community.

Best and Maebh, Year 9 report on the experience: “ Volunteering at Bog Meadows was a really fun experience for everyone in the Eco Club. We were given a guided tour of the nature reserve by Dawn and Aine from Ulster Wildlife, while we were walking around, we spotted 2 Greylag Geese, who have returned for the second time to Bog Meadows, having successfully raised 6 goslings last year. We were able to ask loads of questions. We learnt about the geese returning annually to nest in the cemetery and Mother Goose’s dangerous journey, through the cemetery and across the Falls Road into Bog Meadows. Dawn explained that the chicks should never be separated from the mother, and if you ever see them walking, the best thing to do is stay back and give them plenty of space and do not interfere with them, as the mother could abandon her chicks. We were also fortunate to see the first House Martins arriving in Bog Meadows, which usually heralds the arrival of summer. They have made the long journey from Africa to nest and have chicks. To finish we helped fill empty milk cartons with peat free compost in which Dawn will plant sunflower seeds.”


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