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Members of the Department

Ms F McAuley (Head of Department) Mr C Crudden Mrs R Higgins Ms D Kelly Ms S McLaughlin Ms P McNulty Ms S Morgan Ms M Smyth Miss K Tweed

Ms S Morgan - Literacy Coordinator



Our aim is to provide students with a positive learning experience in a child-centred, mixed ability setting which seeks to nurture the language skills and creativity of the child as well as prepare her for public examinations.

All students study English Language and Literature from Year 8 to GCSE in a totally integrated way and we see it as the right of every child to access literature as well as language and all our students are entered for both examinations. We have over 80 pupils who continue to study AS and A2 English Literature.


Key Stage 3

Our programmes of study at Key Stage 3 follow the Northern Ireland revised curriculum and are organised around broad themes which allow individual teachers a lot of freedom in their choice of text and assignment. These are:

  • Year 8: My World

  • Year 9: Other Worlds

  • Year 10: Relationships


Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

GCSE English Language and English Literature Examining Board: CEA

At KS4 all pupils study GCSE English Language and English Literature English Language: There are two 105 minute papers. Both papers assess reading and writing skills English Literature: There are two papers assessing your three literature texts


Key Stage 5 (GCE)

AS/A2 English Literature (CEA) We follow the CCEA specification in English Literature.


Career Opportunities


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