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Govt & Politics

Members of the Department

Mr Conrad Thomas (Subject Co-ordinator) Mr Darren Scott Mrs S Dickson



We aim to introduce as many interested students to this new and evolving subject as possible. We have almost 100 students taking Government & Politics at A-Level.

It is news-rich and an excellent academic test for any student. The subject is an end in itself with students who fully embrace the extra-curricular aspects of our subject and treat it like a hobby, getting excellent grades in the process.

It involves lots of active lessons and participation. We have an energetic team of teachers who put the enjoyment of and success in Government and Politics to the fore of our teaching. Our ethos is one of mutual respect and responsibility.


Key Stage 5 (GCE)

YEAR 13 AS LEVEL (40% OF FULL EXAM) The students complete two modules in Politics at AS level (CCEA):

  • AS1 = The Government & Politics of Northern Ireland - What is going on at Stormont and why it matters?

  • AS2 = The British Political System - Why is the British PM sometimes described as 'an elected dictator'?

YEAR 14 A2 LEVEL (60% OF FULL EXAM) The students complete two further modules at A2:

  • A21 American Government . Why and how is it different to our own system?

  • A22 = Political Power in the world - What is really going on in the world?


Career Opportunities

Journalist, Policy Analyst, Lobbyist, Advertising, Administrator, Public Servant, Publisher, Educator, Legal Careers, Diplomatic Corps, Overseas Aid, Archivist, Advocacy, Arts, Industrial Relations, Probation Services, TV Researcher, Conflict Resolution, Community Work, Social Work Civil Service fast streamer, Government social research officer, Politician's assistant, Public affairs consultant, Public relations account executive, Social researcher, Charity officer, Diplomatic Services operational officer, Human resources officer, Local government officer, Market researcher, Newspaper journalist, Public relations officer


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