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Members of the Department

Ms Leah Hunt (Head of Department)    

Ms Meabh Cassidy                                        

Miss Marie-Therese Fleming  

Miss Brenda Magenis

Ms Emma McDonnell                                   

Ms Lizzie Mc Nicholl                                  

Dr Andrea Rainey

Miss R Sullivan

Miss M Cassidy - Numeracy Coordinator



The Mathematics Department comprises a dedicated and caring team of teachers who actively promote the enjoyment of Mathematics. Each teacher aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to:

  • develop a feel and a love of Mathematics

  • develop their Mathematical skills

  • understand the part Mathematics plays in the world around them

  • solve problems and interpret the results

  • develop their logical thinking

  • develop their awareness of personal finance

  • use Mathematics as a means of communication

  • develop their use of ICT in the subject

  • achieve their full potential in Mathematics


Key Stage 3

Students follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Mathematics and Financial Capability. Each student also produces 3 pieces of ICT work associated with Mathematics.


Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

At the end of year 10, subject teachers will closely analyse performance/potential and girls will then move on to either study GCSE Maths in one year followed by GCSE Further Maths, or follow a standard two year GCSE Mathematics course. All girls studying GCSE Maths and GCSE Further Maths follow the CCEA specification.


Key Stage 5 (GCE)

There are three modules at AS level, two Pure Mathematics and one Mechanics. There are also three modules at A2 level, two Pure Mathematics and one Statistics. Exceptional Mathematics students are given the opportunity to study Further Mathematics at AS/A2. We follow the CCEA specification for AS/A2 Mathematics and Further Mathematics.


Career Opportunities


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