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Physical Education

Members of the Department

Mrs D Cassidy (Head of Department) Mrs L Bannon Ms Y Murphy



At St. Dominic's, we aim to provide high quality, fun and learning for all abilities through physical education. In line with the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum, PE prepares the pupils as contributors to the society in which they live, to the world of work and also as individuals. Many transferable skills such as leadership, peer- and self-assessment, are developed through each programme of study and can be used in any area of their lives. By empowering each pupil with the responsibility for their own learning will be invaluable for them now and in the future.


Key Stage 3

  1. Athletics

  2. Basketball

  3. Dance

  4. Fitness

  5. Gaelic Football

  6. Gymnastics

  7. Netball

  8. Rounders

  9. Tennis

All activities are assessed at the end of each module and reported on three times a year. The PE department works very closely with the local community and often use top class sporting facilities.


Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

At key stage 4, pupils are introduced to health related activities during PE. It is hoped that this will make them aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how PE can have more than just a physical effect on their body. The stresses and pressures of GCSE's can be put to the back of the mind during PE and it is a great way to relax. Activities include:

  1. Athletics

  2. Badminton

  3. Lacrosse

  4. HRPE-fitness

  5. Rounders

  6. Tennis

  7. Volleyball

Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

St Dominic's offers CCEA GCSE PE. This is an excellent GCSE that is designed to challenge and inform those who have a particular interest in PE and sport. Pupils can perform in their own sporting activities whilst also understanding and undertaking the role of an event manager. Pupils will also complete a fitness module and carry out a range of fitness tests.


Key Stage 5 (GCE)

Following on from GCSE PE our pupils have the opportunity to study for a Cambridge Technical Introductory diploma in Sport. They complete the Level 3 qualification which equates to an equal number of UCAS points as the traditional A-Level. In this course pupils complete seven units of work which cover a vast range of sports related areas of study. Additionally, the pupils develop many other skills throughout the course such as being able to present and communicate information to a group, researching and deciphering information and the ability to be critical thinkers.


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