Job Title:                  General Assistant

                                    32.5 hours Term Time only (One year post)


Responsible to:      Bursar through Special Education Needs Coordinator



Main Duties:


  1. Assist pupils with toileting/ personal hygiene/ dressing including the use of basic toileting aids.


  2. Ensuring the safe mobility and general supervision of the pupil/s within school premises including the playground and on school outings, transporting pupil’s belongings ( if required)


  3. Accompanying teachers, classroom assistants with groups on outings, e.g. swimming, educational outings, etc.


  4. Ensure appropriate care and feeding of pupils at meal times.


  5. Ensure pupils comply with normal school rules and routines during the day.


  1. Assist pupil depending on pupil’s individual needs.


  1. Cleaning equipment connected with daily activities in classroom and assisting with setting out of the equipment as directed.


  2. Dealing with First Aid for assigned pupil.


  1. Literacy/numeracy support work.


  2. General school administration work as required.


  3. Such other duties falling within the remit of the job as required.


    It is recognised that the nature of the work of a General Assistant is such to require a degree of flexibility and certain miscellaneous duties may be requested in addition to those set out above.