Assistant Teacher

Maternity Substitute Teacher

27 February to 30 June 2017

Teacher of English

We have a vacancy for an English Teacher to cover a period of maternity leave from 27 February to 30 June 2017.

The closing date for applications is 20th December 2016 at 12 noon.

The full job description and personnel specification are available for download in the following documents:

Job Description

Personnel Specification

Application Form

Reporting Structure

The post-holder will, in the first instance, report and be directly responsible to the Head of Department (Curriculum) and Head of Year (Pastoral) and ultimately to the Principal or her designated deputy.


St. Dominic’s Grammar School for Girls, Belfast


Main Professional Grade

Job Description

The responsibilities below are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained within the Teachers’ (Terms and Conditions of Employment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1987.  They are not necessarily comprehensive and may be amended by the Principal, in consultation with the post-holder, relevant Head of Department and Head of Year, to reflect the needs of the school.


The postholder will:

  • Ensure that his/her professional practice and approaches are in accordance with the agreed standards set out in the school-developed Teaching and Learning policy
  • Teach English throughout the school to A level standard
  • Act as a Form Tutor and carry out related duties in accordance with the responsibilities of a Class Tutor
  • Contribute to the extra-curricular life of the school; in particular all English and Drama activities
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of school policies and procedures
  • Carry out supervisory duties as required in accordance with published rosters
  • Undertake any reasonable duties requested by the Principal or his designated deputy


The postholder will:

  • Fulfil the aims of theEnglish Departments and implement, under the direction of the Head of Department, school policies with regard to classroom management and organisation, discipline, homework
  • Contribute to the development and production of schemes and units of work, internal examination and assessments
  • Maintain under the direction of the Heads of Departments, appropriate pupil records;
  • Integrate fully Information and Communication Technologies to the teaching and learning of subjects
  • Regularly upload assignments/support materials and resources to the school’s VLE
  • Keep abreast of subject developments in particular and curriculum developments in general
  • Identify and undertake any necessary personal and professional development and training required to discharge the responsibilities of subject teaching
  • Teach English to KS3, KS4 and KS5
  • Prepare pupils for public examinations in English KS3 (CEA), GCSE (CEA) and A’ level (CEA)
  • Teach a range of challenging texts, employing a range of teaching strategies and incorporating ICT
  • Set regular assignments & essays and mark these in line with the school’s literacy policy
  • Prepare and mark coursework for all pupils, especially those in Years 11 – 14
  • Prepare pupils in Year 10 to participate in the Shakespeare Festival
  • Attend regular meetings to ensure continuity and progression
  • Conduct cross-moderations with other members of the department
  • Keep detailed and accurate records of results for future use
  • Attend all relevant parents’ meetings


  • Contribute to the extra-curricular aspect of the English Department


The postholder will:

  • Ensure that professional practice and approaches are in accordance with the agreed standards set out in the school developed pastoral policy
  • Fulfil the aims of the school’s pastoral policy and implement under the direction of the Head of Year, the timetabled pastoral programme with particular year group as required
  • Contribute to the review and development of units of work and maintain under the direction of the Head of Year, appropriate pupil records
  • Assist in the organisation of pastoral activities for a particular year group
  • Develop a detailed knowledge of the needs, aspirations, interests and academic progress of each pupil in a tutor group
  • Respond to the individual problems of pupils and encourage, motivate and counsel pupils as necessary
  • Maintain, under the direction of Head of Year, contact with parents/guardians and welfare agencies, as required
  • Keep abreast of pastoral developments eg child protection
  • Identify and undertake any personal and professional development required to discharge pastoral responsibilities effectively

The post-holder may be required to carry out other duties appropriate to the post and to the level of responsibility as may reasonably be assigned by the Principal from time to time.