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Eco Club

St Dominic's Eco Club

St Dominic's Eco Club is a dedicated team comprised of students from every year group. The Eco Committee was set up last year, with representation from all year groups, the Committee meets regularly to discuss relevant environmental issues and plan new initiatives. This year we developed our Eco code, consulting the student body for their opinions on what they view important. Students had the opportunity to take part in many events and competitions including: Climate Action school's video (British Council) which we won, Junk Kouture fashion, where we were a Northern Region finalist. Students have entered other competitions including 'Young Reporter for the Environment' and international competition ran by Eco Schools, Persil's 'Dirt is Good' campaign, where the students designed a bug hotel which was made a reality with help from Belfast City Council. Students also went on various trips including to: Belfast Climate Comission Conference, Ulster Museum, and Colin Glen where they had a chance to look at biodiversity issues. Students have worked with a variety of organisations including Eco Schools, (Fast Fashion Workshop), Belfast City Council (Tree planting in Falls Park) and Belfast Hills Partnership (planting wildflowers in school grounds). If you love your environment, wildlife, getting outdoors and taking action to help our planet then Eco is the Club for you! We meet every Wed after school in Technology 1.

Below gives you an idea of the valuable enrichment programme offered by the Eco Club:

Eco Club participate in Woodland Management event in Falls Park November 2023

As part of their on-going commitment to the local environment the Eco club attended an event in Falls Park on Wednesday, led by Belfast City Council, where students had the opportunity to assist the council in woodland management, coppicing hazel trees on-site. They cut off branches which were then used to create a ‘dead hedge’ which serves as a sound and pollution buffer to the adjacent Falls road and provides much needed habitat for insects and small mammals such as hedgehogs. They also cut and decorated some willow discs which are an ideal eco-friendly tree decoration and will be available at the St Dominic’s Christmas Bazaar. The group also toasted marshmallows over the open fire, sure why not!

Eco Trip to Colin Glen May 2023

During the month of May Eco Club members have had the opportunity to participate in a biodiversity workshop in Colin Glen led by Belfast Hills Partnership. Students have improved the biodiversity in the school grounds by preparing and sowing more seeds in the wildflower strip and in Colin Glen they had the chance to look for wildlife in the river by pond-dipping. It was a fascinating experience and the students found all sorts of creatures including, water scorpions, freshwater crayfish, worms and larvae. They were even lucky enough to pick up a few fossils which can be found along the course of the Colin Riverbed.

Dirt is Good Coaching Programme May 2022

A small team of our brilliant eco club leaders have volunteered for a Dirt is Good Coaching pilot. The 7 senior volunteers will lead teams of eco-volunteers completing the Dirt is Good programme. The programme, as the name suggests, encourages pupils to get stuck in to active volunteering. The programme is very much peer led, encouraging senior pupils to facilitate teams in providing creative solutions to eco-problems

Eco Club build Bug Hotel for “Dirt is Good Project” Members of St Dominic’s Eco club have built a Bug Hotel in the school grounds as part of Persil’s “Dirt is Good Project”. Michael McCorry from Belfast City Council supplied the materials and expertise to make the 5 star bug accommodation. We hope that our hotel will be a stop-over for wildlife in an urban landscape and that many insects, bees and small mammals will decide to visit or stay, ultimately enhancing biodiversity in our local area.

Eco Club Sow More Wildflower Seeds with Belfast Hills Partnership April 2022

The torrential spring showers did not deter the 30 plus Eco Club members who worked with Belfast Hills Partnership on Wednesday 7th April to clear vegetation and replant the wildflower strip in the school grounds. This is a continuation of the Bee Conservation Project that the Year 8s begun last June. Well done to everyone and hopefully we will all be rewarded in the summer with some lovely wildflowers.

Young Reporter for the Environment Entries, April 2022

This year St Dominic’s Eco Club have submitted 2 entries into the International Competition ‘Young Reporter for the Environment’ (April 2022) facilitated by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and Eco Schools. Year 11 students, Anna Neal and Beth Doherty submitted an article entitled ‘Ocean of Tears’ about the issue of marine waste and its impacts on the ocean ecosystem and wildlife (which you can read here). This has been inspired by Anna’s ongoing dedication to beach clean-ups in the local area and the girls’ are passionate about raising awareness and encouraging action regarding this issue.

A group of Year 9 students also submitted a video entry about Litter and Recycling and promoting these within the school community (watch video here). Well done to all the participants for your hard work and good luck!


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