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Soroptimist Public Speaking

The Soroptimist Ireland Girls’ Public Speaking Competition has been running for over 40 years and is the result of North-South Soroptimist decision that there should be a competition to encourage girls to speak in public.

The Competition is a three-stage event with local, regional competitions leading to a national final. A selection of topics is circulated to schools and each competitor can choose. A 6-minute speech is presented at the competition on the topic of choice and adjudicated by a panel of 3 judges.

The competition encourages girls to develop the skills to speak effectively and articulately with clarity and conviction. This enables them to improve their self-confidence and personality which in turn will enhance their career opportunities.

On Wednesday 22nd November 2023, four Year 13 students attended a Soroptimist International Public Speaking Event in Stormont. They each performed a 6-minute speech in the Senate chamber to an audience of 90 people.  

They competed against 24 other girls from schools in the Belfast area. The girls were exceptional, and all performed to a very high standard covering topics including Gender Inequality, Health, Migration and Social Media.  

A special mention goes to Orla Rozanska who received a highly commended for her speech on migration where she discussed the experiences that she and her mother have had since moving from Poland.

Congratulations girls – you were absolutely outstanding!


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