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French Club

French club continues to flourish at St. Dominic's!

It is on Wednesday at lunch time for Year 9 pupils. It is a great opportunity to meet with your friends, to relax and to learn lots about French culture and traditions! Each time we meet we focus on a different aspect of French culture. We have been learning French songs, making different crafts (such as crowns to celebrate Epiphany and Valentine’s cards for our friends and family), discovering more about famous French women such as Coco Chanel and competing in quizzes about French culture and traditions! Here are some comments from some members of French Club:

“Our French club is on Wednesday during lunch. We listen to French music and learn about French culture. We spend a good time with our friends and we enjoy it. My favourite thing is bonding with my friends and having fun”. Lara and Lavanya

“We definitely recommend French club as it is a great experience! Look out for the seasonal activities – they are unmissable! Dancing, singing, quizzes, prizes and drawing! C’est très bien!”. Ananyaa and Srishti

“I enjoy French club because there is a lot to do and you get to learn lots about France”. Chloe

“French club is a very fun way to relax during our lunch. It also helps us learn how French people celebrate traditions different from us like Christmas, Easter and many more. Our favourite thing we have learnt so far is about the French fashion designers and Coco Chanel. Merci, au revoir!”. Neala, Jemima and Sarah

À bientôt!

Miss Burgess has also just begun a French club for our Year 8 students which takes place period 6 on Wednesdays in Modern Languages 5! All are welcome!

Year 8 French Breakfast

In November our Year 8s were treated to a French breakfast as they couldn’t have their regular French Club due to COVID restrictions remaining in place.

During class time students were able to bring French props to dress up and our brilliant canteen staff kindly prepared croissants for everyone. Year 8 French teachers ran a quiz on French culture and cuisine and the winning teams were awarded prizes. Hopefully we will be able to bring these budding young linguists on our next trip to France itself!


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