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Media Studies

Students' Work



Media Studies is designed to allow students to draw on their existing experience of the Media and to develop their ability to explore and create Media. Through studying Media students:

  • Think about the media, involving investigating Media texts and their contexts.

  • Create the media, involving planning, producing and presenting Media texts.

Pupils are given the opportunity to create their own film posters, make magazines, make a short film or create a music video. The Media Studies department works with Studio On to provide pupils with workshops on the latest technology. As part of the new school, a Media Studies centre has been built allowing pupils access to a wide range of resources, computers and an interactive whiteboard.

Media Studies is taught at GCSE and A-Level in St. Dominic's.

Students explore Media topics from the following list:

  • Music

  • Television Drama

  • Advertising

  • Animation

  • Science Fiction

  • Lifestyle and celebrity

  • News

  • Comedy


Career Opportunities


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